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The Traditional Package

Single Day Reservation

The Traditional Package was designed for micro and elopement weddings of a smaller, more intimate size. This package reserves the venue and all its amenities for a 15-hour segment allowing you ample freedom to structure your wedding the way you would like to, just with a narrower timeframe in comparison to the Classic or Signature package.  


Your venue access will begin at 10:00 am for setup and preparation, the ceremony is then followed by your reception, which must commence by 11:00 pm on the same day. Once your reception has come to an end, you will receive two bonus hours to restore the venue to its original state. Your reservation end time is 1:00 am. 


Due to the demand for our multi-day packages, the Traditional Package is only available midweek, Tuesday thru Thursday during our peak season.

One Day Event --
Friday, Saturday or Sunday: $6,500

Weekday (Monday - Thursday): $5,000


*Prices subject to change

Barn Cleanup & Trash Removal $800

Barn Cleanup Only $600

Trash Removal Only $200

 Micro Weddings

(No more than 50 guests)

Tuesdays and Wednesdays only $1,800

This is a one day event.

You'll have full access of the

venue from 10am to 11pm. 

(Camping is not included with this rental)

You will have access to the full indoor and outdoor 

areas. Tables and chairs are included with this rental along with use of Ceremony Meadow, six wine barrels, and two galvanized metal troughs for beverages.


Some items can be add for a up charge.


Micro Wedding

Cleanup & Trash removal Only $250

(max 50 guests)

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