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Welcome to Our Farm

GardenMontana is a cherished family-run farm-style event venue that offers a unique blend of natural beauty, rustic charm, and modern amenities. Our lush gardens, adorned with vibrant flowers, reach their peak splendor from July to October, creating an enchanting backdrop for weddings, events, and getaways.

Each week during our peak season, we take pride in offering freshly handcrafted bouquets showcasing the diversity of over 80 flower and greenery varieties thriving on our farm. Through our Community Supported Agriculture program (C.S.A.), we extend the opportunity for affordable, high-quality weekly bouquets, bringing the essence of our blooms into homes, offices, churches, or your special event.

At the heart of our venue is the inviting "Bourbon Barn," a pole barn featuring outdoor seating leading to a deck attached to the charming brides' dressing area, affectionately known as the Rebels Retreat Airbnb. Here, intimate gatherings find the perfect setting amidst the cozy confines of the Bourbon Barn, where guests are beckoned by large french doors to enjoy the surrounding grounds. With the addition of a party tent, this venue comfortably accommodates up to 200 attendees, all while providing picturesque views of our expansive estate enveloped by verdant, irrigated ranch land. Whether you're hosting an event, enjoying a getaway, attending a workshop, or seeking a rustic yet elegant backdrop. GardenMontana effortlessly blends country charm with touches of glamour. Our venue not only highlights stunning floral arrangements, but also offers unique accommodations in our five distinct Airbnb properties.

We believe in making connections with local entities to support Montana communities.  We believe in protecting the land through sustainable organic farming practices to produce the best nature has to offer and promote health.  We aspire to create a colorful world of joy and creativity; support hope and healing; and help produce positive, memorable experiences.


Jae (Jaelene) grew up in the country along the Rocky Mountain Front where she cultured a passion for gardening alongside her family’s three generations of farmers and ranchers—her parents, grand-parents, and great-aunt Leona.  She always treasured being at her great-aunt’s majestic flower garden where she stood for hours, immersed in the heavenly colors and fragrances. Through life’s tribulations, flowers and gardening have always healed and strengthened her. A lifelong advocate of healthy living, she is committed to organic farming methods to preserve the land. Her passion for learning has been raised to a new level through her continuing education, incorporating organic European gardening techniques which grow the healthiest flowers and produce. Jaelene has embarked on this amazing journey with her family to carry on the farming tradition of her ancestors.


Kevin is the innovative genius behind the farm’s infrastructure. Happy with his hands at work, his skills are weaved into all of the farm’s operations, whether he’s fixing up the barn, building the greenhouse, or setting up the irrigation system. He will stop at nothing to repurpose materials, like using a broken wooden door to build a rustic bench, or turning a slab of stone into a table top with a perfect blend of esthetic and functionality. Kevin’s beautiful designs have made the farm a magical place.  His most cherished moments are spent watching the sunrise in the serenity of the valley, ready to start another day at the farm.

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