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The Classic Package

2-day use of the venue, with the wedding held either the first or second day of the rental

The Classic Package allows you to choose what matters most to you whether that be more time focused on setup and preparation for your wedding day or more time spent celebrating with your guests later into the night. Depending on the vision you have for your wedding, both structures have desirable features, versatility, and freedom to create your dream Montana wedding. With the Classic Package, you'll gain peace of mind knowing you have ample time to devote to what's most important to you!

Classic Package 2-day Structure Options:

Option 1: Preparation Day & Wedding Day

The first day is designed to maximize the time devoted to wedding setup and preparations followed by your rehearsal dinner that evening. The second day is utilized for your wedding! Take your time making final preparations and focus on getting ready to walk down the aisle. After your “I do's” the venue is ready for you and your guests to celebrate at your reception! You'll enjoy creating cherished memories until it's time to say your farewells.


Option 2: Wedding Day & Reminiscing Day


The first day is designed to maximize the time devoted to your guests and reception utilizing the morning for wedding setup and preparation followed by the wedding ceremony and reception in the afternoon! This gives you the ability to prolong your reception later into the night as you take in all the festivities. The second day is utilized as a day for reminiscing with family and friends! Whether you wish to have a brunch, enjoy yard games and activities, or simply relax and enjoy the venue in good company is up to you! 


Both options are great structures and offer their own unique attributes. The Classic Package gives you the ability to make your wedding more than just a single day; now you can make it a wedding weekend!

2-Day Event

(Party Tent included) ~

Friday & Saturday OR Saturday & Sunday


Any 2 Weekdays (Monday - Thursday)


*Prices subject to change

Barn Cleanup & Trash Removal $800

Barn Cleanup Only $600

Trash Removal Only $200 

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